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Scion: The Ragnarok Cycle.

posted Jan 13, 2012 19:25:37 by RobertClark
The End is Nigh!

Fimbulwinter has come.
The Fenris Wold runs free, and the serpent
Jormungandr has loosed Midgard from his coils.
The Twilight of the Gods has begun,
and only the Scions of the Aesir can salvage
some good from the conflagration to come.
Will your character survive
the final battle of Order versus Chaos,
of will the forces of the Wyrd consign him
to death with the bulk of the Norse Gods?

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2 replies
DannaSchuchman said Feb 02, 2012 14:05:27
Character Names

Alex - Carl
Sybil - NPC Guide to Alex
Elena - Katie
Wynn - Tammy
Leon - Jeff
Svien - Lior
Marigold - Danielle
Hrund - NPC Follower to Marigold
Kára - NPC Follower to Marigold
Admin. said Feb 09, 2012 19:34:36
Scion: downtime between game 2 - 3

posted Jan 23, 2012 by Lior
Svein, while still in the tree, will talk to the group: "as the end of days approach, midgard is and will be in chaos; the gods are too busy with their own fight above. It is up to us to fight and defend the future of this planet. It is time for us to show the world what we are made of. It is time to show we can be better than we have already been. We do not know what exactly to expect out there as humanity in chaos shall be unpredictable. We can not help the entire world directly, but if the communication systems are still intact, we can bring inspiration for humanity to fight for their own survival. It is time, we all ought to go back, but we shall not be reckless about it. If you do not trust your prowess to survive harsh fate, do not venture on your own. From what I understand, the fate from the gods brought us together, this should be enough for us to trust each other. We will be needed close and far, I suggest we try to cover different locations, at least for a while and then reconnect. Any and all is welcome to join me."

Waits for response.

OOC: if somebody has no idea of what they want to do, i'll help come up with common downtime at least for some of the year. But I believe everybody should have their own exploits.
DannaSchuchman said Jan 23, 2012
Marigold nods.

"My team will do some scouting. You can count on us for any battles, but let's start with some intel. Communication systems will be vital, both for us as well as for the rest of the world. Hrund and I will keep an eye out for any others who might join us."

OoC: Marigold and Hrund will be joined by another Valkyrie at some point, Kara. They are great for scouting, sniping, and strategic strikes. I'm still putting her upgrade together, but even her original build included driving cars and flying planes, so they have a chance of getting around. So, while she'll go off on missions, she will return to a central location with the rest of the group to take on larger battles, etc. She focuses mainly on trying to look out for communities under fire from hostile forces, often times eliminating leaders of the hostile forces. She will continue to aid in bringing intel to the group to help them coordinate their efforts. And as far as I know, that's the bulk of what the group would know of her actions. Btw, totally buying Shadow Step (Darkness 4).
CarlMorobitto said Jan 23, 2012
*Alexander nods* Getting a way of keeping in touch would be very important.. The first thing I'll be doing is heading to the Orient, having worked there for many years, I feel I'm probably the best bet at helping them... Especially since I'm already known over there and can get things going... If anything, we should meet back here on the tree once a month, to make sure if anyone needs big asistance... Also keep a watch on the news for anything huge, anything that looks big enough for multiple of us to handle, we need to get in touch and head together...

*Alexander is going to spend most of his year working alone in the orient. Always seen with a crew of 5-10 other athletic guys, who if looked up would show up as known Japanese Wrestlers... Leading them as a team to clear away problems and do heroic deeds in the area..*
Lior said Jan 24, 2012
(don't recall character names, so using player names)

Month 1 (or 2 or 3):

Jeff is providing everybody with global roaming cellphones. Expensive for the mundane civilian, pocket change for him.

Carl is taking care of things in Asia.
Danielle and Tammy from what I gather are doing intel gathering in the US.
Lior, Jeff, and possibly Katie are going to Europe.
Katie mentioned she wants to study about Ragnarok, so not sure if this is on the go, or staying behind at first. Please elaborate.

Now, everybody please post what you are trying to accomplish at first. We got a year to do cool stuff.
DannaSchuchman said Jan 25, 2012
Oh, I'll go wherever all over the world, though as an American, I do concentrate most of my efforts there. I also suggest that some areas with thermodynamic activities may be good places to concentrate on to restart and sustain fertility activities. They are sources of warmth. Just think of Iceland. This also means, they may be targets of greed, and will need some defense.
KatieViola said Jan 25, 2012
For the first month, I'm going to stay behind and see what I can dig up on Ragnarok. Afterwards, I'll join Jeff and Lior on the road. If I can keep up communications with everyone, I'll be debating on strategies both for battle and for trying to sustain parts of the earth with Tammy, Jeff and Danielle.
JeffreyMartinez said Feb 02, 2012
For the first 3-4 months, Leon will spend all of his time setting up large shelter-city areas across the North-East of the U.S. which will serve as a haven for the victimized and starved population. He will organize and deploy a numerous amount of vehicles and other modes of transportation to relocate more victims who physically cannot make it to these safe havens in time. He is not hiding from the people that he is their miraculous benefactor and savior in this time of crisis and has statues and posters of himself and his company located throughout the cities. The scenery becomes very much like something out of the book "1984", except while Leon does have cameras, a "secret police," and other means of keeping an eye and watch over his citizens, the overall mood of the cities isn't one of oppressiveness, but of survival and the people have a generally positive mood over their 'savior.' Though, whether that's just because Leon gets rid of those who try to stifle rebellion or because being the CEO of a pharmaceutical company gives you access to many forms of mood-altering drugs is, well, up to debate. Leon has no desire to be a dictator but feels that in this time, he is keeping his citizens safe from the outside world (which in all accounts, he is) and doesn't have time to deal with internal conflicts from his followers.

While dealing with that, he spends the rest of the year fighting against the military which has begun a campaign to eliminate people in order to sustain the amount of food the country has left. While in public, Leon has managed to protect the havens he constructed with a militia and well-protected walls that surround the cities. In private, Leon will infiltrate major military bases using his illusions to sneak pass security and reach high levels of intel. He will sabotage these military institutions from the inside and plant false information, internal conflicts, anything to simply hurt and eventually destroy what he views as a "corrupted and useless entity"

In his free time, Leon will plan and enjoy a trip with Svein, heading into Europe to see what is admist and bring salvation to fallen continent. Starting with a few key locations in the British Isles, Germany, Western Russia and what was once the border of France and Spain, Leon is setting up some of the same safe havens he set up in the U.S, though he is meeting more resistance from both military entities and citizens as he is dealing with multiple countries instead of just one and there is some distrust among the people in accepting aid from an American businessman, but Leon is not one to give up. Between maintaining his cities and followers, roaming Europe for a bit of fun with Svein and potentially Elena, working on his skills as a Demigod, and keeping communication with the other Scions, Leon has a pretty busy year.
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