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posted Jan 16, 2012 03:17:52 by Admin.
The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer fighting to survive in a world beset by magic and evil. Will you cut your way through monster-filled ruins and cities rife with political intrigue to emerge as a famous hero laden with fabulous treasure, or will you fall victim to treacherous traps and fiendish monsters in a forgotten dungeon?
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DannaSchuchman said Feb 15, 2012 14:39:55
Berialeth packs her bags, her littlest brother helping. "Will you be gone long, Beri?" Berialeth looks at him and sighs, "Yes, Jareth, it will be a while. I don't know when I'll be able to visit again. It's a dangerous place." He looks down at the bit of cloth he was folding, "Why are you going?" Berialeth smiles, "The wind stirs in me and I must travel. And while I intend to root myself again, it will be someplace that tests me. Only if tested will I prove myself of value." Her brothers tears move her, and she picks him up. "Don't cry, Jareth. You have our brothers to watch over you. It's just my time to leave the nest. Now, don't behave too much." This elicits a smile from his tear-stained face. They hug one last time before she lets him down and finishes packing.
RobertClark said Feb 15, 2012 22:18:22
Ser Jherek Silvermane sighed as he carried the last few crates and stacked them inside the wagon, checking the horses as he walked past them. "A new start eh?" He glanced to the side and ruffled the ears of his war mount Winter a rather large, solid white wolf. "What do you think boy a chance to rebuild the Order, to regain honor?" His gaze traveled to the remains of The Howling Keep, now nothing more that a single tower blackened by flames and sorcery, the walls shattered and broken stones covering the ground. Jherek nodded to himself before walking to the elderly gentleman that stood a short distance away. "Send the messages I told you, exactly to whom I told you." A faint smile played over the Halfling's lips "I'm sure they will be eager to join me in this rather large undertaking. Morrigan and Ka-Sabar have got to be bored of sitting around by now." Jherek glanced to the south "The Stolen Lands huh, we'll see." Jherek climbs atop the wagon and whistles loudly, Winter turns and leaps up to the drivers bench beside his master before laying down across it his head on Jherek's lap. Jherek snapped the reins of the wagon and the horses set off to the south.
Lior said Feb 20, 2012 15:13:41
I would like the Cloak and Amulet to not be sold and kept for the party. This could be used as a disguise for later. If the party disagrees with this, then I would buy them from the party.
Why fight so hard to fit in when we were born to stand out
JeffreyMartinez said Feb 22, 2012 13:10:26
It has been five days since the Party has fought and protected Oleg's Trading Post from the group of bandits. In those days you have seen no signs of other bandits attempting to enter the establishment. Since you are all waiting until Sunday (9 days after the fight) before you're willing to sell anything, Oleg is compromising and will buy back anything at 75% its market value. He currently, however, only has enough funds to buy about 600 GP worth of merchandise. You can also buy anything from him (simply ask and I will determine whether he would reasonably have this item or not - but basically anything an adventurer would need, he would have) but he only has 600 GP worth of merchandise. If you wish to buy more or buy something of a greater amount, he can place an order for the item and have it in within a week (the item will, however, cost 20% more than its market price)

Also, two days prior, a group of four soldiers have arrived at the Post from Restov. They are the guard unit sent by the city to protect the Post from future attacks. The group is led by a man named Kesten Garess. All of you can tell right away that the name Garess is of one of the noble families of Brevoy and anyone who wishes to pry more must PM me on Facebook so I can do a Knowledge (nobility) check. Garess seems to be a stern, yet troubled man and is willing to assist the party however he can, though he does not wish to abandon his duty of protecting the Post. The group set up their tents south of the Post.

Arriving today, also, is a traveling cleric of Erastil named Jhod Kavken. He claims to be on a pilgrimage and has come to the Post for rest.

Oleg's mood is slightly chipper, if only because waking up in the morning and seeing the heads of the fallen bandits on the spikes outside the Post's gate gives him a sense of accomplishment and victory. He is going through the daily motions of taking care of the horses and keeping the fort together.

Svetlana is also content, though you will occasionally notice her looking at her left hand and giving a sigh. She is expecting the party will find her lost wedding ring soon, though every day that passes she begins to doubt she will ever be reunited with it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of you have left the fort for any reason throughout these five days or until we next meet, you must let me know!

(OC: If you wish to interact with any of these characters, please do so on this board. If things become too cluttered, I will make a new thread, but for now, use this one. Also, anything you do during your two weeks downtime must be done here or else it does not count.)
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Lior said Feb 22, 2012 16:18:30
Johna will approach Svetlana and inquire about the ring: "My good lady, have you been wedded for long? How did you loose your ring? When is last you saw it? Can you describe it in detail?"
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Why fight so hard to fit in when we were born to stand out
RobertClark said Feb 22, 2012 17:47:15
Jherek will speak with Keston Garess about him and his soldiers helping to bolster the defenses of Olegs a little more including:
Repairing the catapults, sending for a larger detachment of troops, setting up a smithy and parade ground for training and possibly building an attached tower to serve as a jail.

He will also talk to Oleg about getting a Raven Master to come to the post allowing for rapid deployment of messages back to Brevoy.
CarlMorobitto said Feb 22, 2012 21:48:04
Morrigan will talk to Oleg about pricing for potion ingredients, and if he's interested in carrying potions for sale at all, offering to provide some as a possible compensation for the use of the lodging.

((Waiting to re-dl pathfinder core book to look up potion costs etc, for creating that is... So I can start a list of potions i'm going to brew during the downtime))
DannaSchuchman said Feb 23, 2012 15:26:18
Berialeth will approach Jhod Kavken and strike up a conversation about his faith in regards to the Stolen Lands. Eventually she will work her way around to asking how he feels about the Stag Bandit, and what he may know.

She will also request scroll components from Jherek and Oleg.
JeffreyMartinez said Feb 23, 2012 22:50:11
Stelvana (to Johna): "Oh, well me and my husband have been married for about five years now. Oleg spent every copper he had left after obtaining the charter for this post in order to buy it and I haven't taken it off my finger since he gave it to me. But, it was taken away from me by that vile woman who appeared alongside the other bandits on their first trip to our post. Said it was payment for not chopping off my husband's hand off instead... Please, if you happen to find it on your journey, return it to me. I'm sure we can reward all of you for your efforts. It's a golden band ring with a small emerald gem and my name inscribed on the band."

Keston (to Jherek): "Well if we have the supplies to fix the catapults, sure we don't mind helping you all fix em. (If you ask Oleg, he tells you there's just enough supplies to fix only one catapult). As for the rest of what you're asking, well I don't exactly have that kind of pull, if you know what I mean? I can send out one of my men to Restov and see about putting in for your request but I can't promise you anything."

Oleg (to Jherek): *Slightly annoyed* "Um, yeah.. I suppose if you want to, but you'll have to make the arrangement yourself. I don't have no time for such things."

Oleg (to Morrigan): "Well, I do most of my potion trading with man by the name of Bokken. A strange fellow, he lives not more than a few miles east of the post. He visits every couple of weeks trading in fur, some jerky and his potions. Though he only sells about one or two different types of potions and I question the quality at times. Can never really trust the fool. If you sell yours at a cheaper price or sell me better quality, yeah we can do business." (This transaction counts toward the 600 GP fund Oleg can spare to buy since by fixing the cannon, you guys have effectively bought free supper/inn privileges for about four months.)

Jhod (to Berialeth): "Oh I'm just a wandering priest trying to spread the word of Erastil and on a pilgrimage to better understand the world around me. In regards to the Stolen Lands, well, I'm in search of something you see. (Please let me know what is your Diplomacy modifier)....The Stag Lord? Never heard of him before."

Oleg (to Berialeth): "What kind of components?"

CarlMorobitto said Feb 24, 2012 05:16:18
Morrigan will purchase the required materials for brewing some potions, and can be seen each day working hard on each of them, rarely breaking away from her work to do more then eat, rest, and occasionally talk with the group.
RobertClark said Feb 26, 2012 04:42:51
Party Gold is reduced to: 0

Jherek (to Oleg): "Alright then, I'll take care of it."

Jherek; one morning during the time passed at Oleg's calls together the entire party. "Now we have an abundance of horses and a few members without mounts, here is the thing if you aren't a trained rider putting you on a horse will only slow us down. Them that are trained in how to ride can have a mount, any others will ride the wagon when we head out. I have a plan for any horses left after the fact, and it goes like this. We sell them to Oleg and use the proceeds to buy the supplies and crafts men needed to start building us a place of our own near Oleg's, we benefit from having him close for trade and he benefits from the lands becoming a bit more civil. We get a place to setup the things we might need that can't travel. A smithy, an alchemists lab, maybe a small chapel. If we can promise safety and a home might be we can get some of them trades folk to move down to us and then we can turn this into a real trading spot. What are you lots thoughts on that?"

JeffreyMartinez said Feb 27, 2012 01:03:47
Oleg: (to Jherek): Whoa now, what's this I'm hearing? A blacksmith, alchemist lab.. a chapel!? What the hell do you guys need with all this stuff? I won't have you guys build any of this stuff around here. I mean, I appreciate what you done for us and what not, but you have no right to start building things around my property."

(For Robert - Why exactly is the Party Gold reduced to zero? And do you plan to sell any of your stuff. If you don't sell it soon, Oleg is going to buy them at a cheaper price)
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RobertClark said Feb 27, 2012 05:04:36
Jherek (to Oleg): Well Mr. Oleg I'll be starting construction near you, not on your land as it were, just close enough to make it say, a day trip to meet you here. As I can tell we are going to need to use you as our importer for everything we need, materials wise; I dare say we might be able to make you enough money to become a true landed lord. However if you would rather not be able to claim the title of "Lord Oleg", well then I suppose that I can always wait until I find another spot, perhaps down off the river ways where I can just import everything I need by skiff and boat, without an "expediter". But that is your call.

As for what we need with it, that is simple. I need an alchemist lab to give my friend Morrigan somewhere to work with her materials besides your front yard; a chapel as I believe there is not one here, and how exactly can the Gods hear you without one. As for the smithy why that's simple we are here to conquer the Stolen Lands and bring them to heel the only way to do that is with sharp steel in my hand.

(The Party sold off everything from the bandits, this money along with a single gold from myself was splint evenly between Carl and Danielle's characters to pay for the materials for them to craft potions and scrolls. I am going to review my own supplies and I will send a message to you detailing anything I intend to sell. Side note: how long will it take to hire a Raven Master and how much will it cost to keep him around? i.e. what will it cost me per month to have him on retainer and staying at Olegs in case I need to send messages back to Brevoy)
JeffreyMartinez said Feb 27, 2012 15:02:13
Oleg (to Jherek): *Oleg seems to be without words, though his annoyed expression remains* Well I- Look... fine, build your lab and shops and what not, just keep them far away enough so they don't bother us.

GM: Five days after the fight with the bandits, Kefina (Tammy's character), Ka-Sabar (Sergio's character) and Katie's character do some reconnaissance south of the post in search of any clues that will lead to the other bandits.

If the party has sold everything they received from the bandits (excluding the amulet, cloak, food ration, arrows, and horses), the total value would be: 442GP. Please tell me how much both Carl and Danielle's character is spending as well as exactly what materials they are buying or at least what they are attempting to make. Remember, there is a limit you guys can spend at Oleg's.

And finally, another of the soldiers has left the post and headed north to Restov to request more troops, supplies, permission to build all the things Jherek has asked for and to inquire the use of a Raven Master.

RobertClark said Mar 17, 2012 09:21:59
(((Current Party Inventory Post Session 3)))

Current Party Gold: 435 Gold Pieces, 2 Silver Pieces

Non Item Wealth - 1000 Gold Piece Credit at Oleg's

Recently Gained: (number in parentheses is value PER item)
Dagger x23 (2 gp)

Giant Centipede Eggs x4 (?)

Dart x60 (5 sp)

Masterwork Buckler x1 (Small)(155 gp)

Masterwork Light Steel Shield x1 (159 gp)

Spear x12 (Small) (2 gp)

Wand of Magic Missile, 28 Charges (420 gp) - Casts Level 1 Magic Missile

Masterwork Cold Iron Sickle x1 (Small) (612 gp)

Bracers of Armor +1 x1 (1000 gp) - Adds +1 to Armor class

Shamans Journal x1 (Written in Undercommon)(?)

Flaming Crossbow Bolt x7 (40 gp) - Deals +1d6 Fire Damage

Boots of Elvenkind x1 (Small)(2500 gp) - +5 On Acrobatics Skill Checks

Leather Pouch (Filled with Dust of Illusion) x1 (1200 gp) - When sprinkled over a person works as Disguise Self W/ 2 hour Duration

Scroll of Fly x1 (375 gp)

On Wagon: (Party Owned Items can be sold if party agrees)

Bedrolls x4
Winter Blanket x8
Flint and Steel x2
Grappling Hook x2
Fishing Net x2
Sun Rod x9
Waterskin x20
Trail Rations x27(days)

Short Spear x3 (Small)
Short Spear x3 (Medium)
Arrows x80
Lance x2 (Small)
Short Sword x2 (Medium)
Light Wood Shield (Medium)

Not in a chest:
Pathfinders Kit x2
Dungeoneering Kit x2
Chronicler's Supplies x1
Carl's Pathfinders Kit
Sergio's Pathfinders Kit
Tammy's Pathfinders Kit
Danielle's Pathfinders Kit

Speak up to what you would like to bid on and we will take care of that, thus far the items people have expressed interest in are the following and so will not be sold yet, speak up if you want something not listed below and I will add it to the list. Come Monday at 5pm I will start selling stuff off to Oleg.

The Keep List:
Everything on Wagon
Wand of Magic Missile
Bracers of Armor
7 Flaming Crossbow Bolts
Boots of Elvenkind
Dust of Illusion
Scroll of Fly
Giant Centipede Eggs

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