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Star Wars: Legacy Era

posted Feb 08, 2012 06:22:56 by CarlMorobitto
Here is the basic rundown for the future game I will be running. As the votes came in, the options were revealed and I chose to volunteer to run the Star Wars:Saga Edition campaign.

The Setting:

Character Rules:
Concepts: -u/c-
Races: -u/c-

Classes: All

Special: Characters that take a path in story or development that make them more of a solitary character, antagonist, or completely unfit for the story or group will be removed. The player of said character will be requested to make a new character to continue play after the session where the change occured. This means certain prestige classes might be denied based on the groups current setup.

Critical Choices: There are times in the game where morality or critical choices come up. What this means is the following rule will be applied, majority rules. This does not mean your character is forced to follow suit, but that to continue play you will either have to go along IC, or make a character that joins up post choice to continue gaming. Examples of these choices being: 4 of the 7 groups members are Dark Side, and the other 3 are Light. More then half decide to desert the original protagonist benefactor (Republic -> Sith/Mandalore). Please understand this is not me trying to limit character roleplay, as I'll gladly permit the group to 'go evil,' but understand that if an individual does it without the group, expect to re-roll, or if the group goes it but you don't, expect to re-roll. This is so the party plays well over-all, but at the same time doesn't completely eliminate basic party dynamics.
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RobertClark said Feb 08, 2012 08:29:40
I for one am planning to play a Miraluka; Luka Sene,not another group leader but rather an introspective adviser to whomever is going to be the leader.

"Luka Sene members were present in all aspects of society and all fields. Most members only had small degrees of increased senses which they used to improve their own lives, careers, and Miralukan society. Those with higher degrees of sensitivity could become Administrators, Masters, or Mentors in the Luka Sene organization. A small amount left their homeworld to join the Jedi Order. While it was uncommon to find a member of Luka Sene off of their homeworld, some traveled to meet with the Jedi Order, or at the rare request of an off-world family to give advice on a talented child."
DannaSchuchman said Feb 10, 2012 19:57:13
I want to be a Wookie. Haven't decided Class and whatnot yet.
CarlMorobitto said Mar 27, 2012 19:07:22
As you may notice the topic name changed as did a lot of the stuff get removed and set to under construction... After talking with a numbr of the group, it seemed players would more enjoy the Legacy (open-end) era over Old-republic. Due to this I have agreed to change my setting and will be doing some reading over the next week to setup the new game concept and will update as soon as I can with the changes and what concepts,races,and classes (prestige) are permitted... More things will open up with the Legacy era, giving a great number of customizations available, so it'll take some time but I'll hurry through it as fast as possible, so you guys can be ready to make characters soon, as I expect this game to be ran as the game(s) following the game coming after the current campaign of Pathfinder.
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